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Hi my name is Anne-Marie.  Welcome to my space.  

If you find yourself visiting me then you know that science and technology does not explain all of the mysteries of the universe, and neither can solve all of our problems.  Some mysteries and problems are unique to you. In this day and age with many of us having busy lives it can be challenging to find a supportive ear to help you understand what’s going on with you, your relationships, and your career, a soul-to-soul conversation is a process of discovering the unconditional love within in order to break the cycles that are hampering your growth.

By taking this step to connect with me you’re ready to ask the questions and I want to listen; together we can discover the answers you seek.  We can discuss the things that will help you to have a fulfilling life as defined by you.

If you'd like to have a candid conversation, then let’s have a conversation from one soul to another, and get to know you again and figure out together where you want to be.

My goal is that our sessions leave you inspired and excited to live your life.




Services And Products I Offer

Soul-to-Soul Conversations

Soul-to-soul conversations can be described as me using my life lessons and creativity to help you live the life you want by assisting you to nourish your heart, mind, and soul.  In these connections you will be encouraged to rediscover yourself by clearly evaluating your life, self-worth, and relationships.  This is a rebirth, so don't be afraid. Take a look at the services below, and get in touch today.


In order to rebalance and gain clarity, this soul-to-soul conversation helps identify limiting beliefs.  As you become aware of patterns that need to be healed, strategies can be developed which allow you to experience life with new lenses.  This is a powerful step to expressing your authentic self.   Select to have this soul talk.

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All relationships are in a process of ebb and flow, thus take work to maintain the "give" and "take."  This soul-to-soul conversation is intended to help you value what you have to offer in relationships, both physically and spiritually.   As you understand your value, the inner and outer world begin to reflect each other, presenting you with relationships of value.  Select to have this soul talk.


Your beliefs about money can either expand your career or create hurdles.  In this soul-to-soul conversation it's important to understand your relationship with money if you want to experience fulfilling beneficial shifts in your career.  Are you at the beginning of a promising adventure or at the end of one?  Wherever you are, you can spread your wings and evolve your perspective towards the career you want.  Select to have this soul talk.

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Soul-to-Soul Supplements

These pieces of art are part of the creative flow process.  They are designed with a very minimalist attitude.  I have faith they will help support your own soul talks.

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