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What isTarot? Self Discovery

Updated: Apr 21

I’ve been asked this question many times, so instead of telling you only my thoughts, I decided to ask a few of the tarot decks.  I think tarot is a tool anyone can use to connect with themselves on a non-manufactured level—this takes a lot of work, because you’ve been manufactured since you came out of the womb--by manufactured, I mean molded. Someone who interprets the tarot is the mediator, but let’s leave the details of that for another blog post.

Anyway, let's get to the answers from the tarot.  I will be using three different decks, the funny and quirky Cat Tarot, a funny quirky deck by Megan Lynn Kott, "The Steampunk Tarot," a futuristic adventure by John and Caitlin Matthews, and "The Sidhe Tarot," an otherworldly adventure born of myths.  For historical purposes I will also consult the infamous Rider Waite Smith Tarot and the Marseille tarot.  I have one more because I like psychology, the Hidden Waters tarot—it’s based on the Rorschach inkblot tests. Let’s get started with this adventure.

By the way I won’t be telling you what the cards mean—it’s more fun that way, and it can be a good exercise for you to tap into your intuition.

Cat tarot says:

Tarot is a slow process of self discovery for this physical plane.  You can learn to focus the energy of the mind in a very direct and effective way. And as you take time to understand and apply the energies of the mind, you began to understand that every action you take is a result of a decision made by you, whether it is precise or not.  The emotions are finicky but play a vital role, because without them you could not understand the depths of you—the dark and playful side of the mind.  Their influence goes as far back as the depths of the ocean, and its memory is everlasting.  It’s important not to let them catch you off guard because uncontrolled energy can be disruptive and devastating to your ability to live a good physical life for yourself and others.  At the end of they day all these energies play a part in the world you’ve materialized for yourself, so the tarot is here to help you find balance between them all in order for you to create a physical world that supports the creative growth of you and the planet.

Cat Tarot by Megan Lynn Kott

May your experience of self discovery be a path that leads you to be your best version.



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