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What is Tarot? Clarity

Updated: Apr 21

Have you had that feeling of being out of place? The last few months I was feeling this way. I am sad and I am not sure why. I’ve been on the course exploring soul long enough to know this is likely not my energy—know thyself is this process. Besides knowing myself more these days, I have nothing to be sad about, at least nothing I can think of—this is not to say my life is perfect. I appreciate where I am and look forward in discovering where I can be. But I have found as I become more compassionate, I have to also exercise much self-care in order not to take on the energy I am feeling for others. This is where Tarot comes in, it is a great opportunity to explore these types of energies—energies that do not seem your own, but you’re experience as if they are yours.

The tarot we are having a conversation with today is pretty perfect for such contemplation of feelings and thoughts—the two are never separate from each other and when imbalanced life can become harder than it needs to be. The Sidhe, pronounced ‘shee’ are otherworldly beings according to John Matthews, in the foreword he wrote for the “Tarot of the Sidhe.” I cannot claim to know the origin of the Sidhe, but I’d like to think of them as extension of ourselves from a forgotten time. Because the study of myself using the tarot has been such a wonderful process for me, I’d like to explore the origin of the state of sadness I felt and possibly a strategy to return to equilibrium using "Tarot of the Sidhe."

Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

The dialog with the Sidhe went as follows:

Anne-Marie: What is the origin of my emotional and mental state?

The Sidhe: Four of Dancer

But when our soul is fed too much,

Reflective longings are as such,

That we lose sight of all that’s good,

And boredom drains our Dancer’s blood

Anne-Marie: What strategy can I apply to return to equilibrium?

The Sidhe: Dreamer Princess

Her leaves are whispers on the wind,

She will tell them how and why they sinned,

She gleams her knowledge from the earth,

And dreams of what its gift is worth

Instantly after getting this information, I understood what was happening to me, why, and what I could do to balance my energy. The Dancer Four told me I had taken on too much energy and it amplified feelings of dissatisfaction that are latent in me. I had been feeling a bit of stagnation in my life and I thought I had resolved it, but they became magnified. A feeling of dissatisfaction became a pity party as I became more connected to the dissatisfaction around me.

Dreamer Princess is a communication to self to be more strategic in my approach. I needed to stop trying to control things like the adult me wants to do so badly, but instead approach what I am experiencing with a sense of wonder. The strategy is to continue to explore my emotions and thoughts, but to also question their validity as if I am experiencing them for the first time.

Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

Whenever I read, I like to check what’s at the bottom of my deck, in this reading it was The Chariot. For me this is the energy I am moving towards—it’s neither good or bad, it just is. This is my card and for me it’s always moving forward in a balanced way—being consciously aware of your ability to find your own freedom—the mind and heart are no longer in opposition—this is when soul comes into the driver’s seat and when success becomes limitless.

An excerpt from the "Tarot of the Sidhe" about the Chariot:

The power of will is absolute and the Chariot's flight will come to all who

trust their vision. Doubt not, and allow dreams with action from the heart. Power must be wielded, raging forces brought together in forward motion.

I am the sacred law of will and trust, I am the winged horse and the rider. I am the glorious sun and shaded moon. Within me two paths unite and forge a clear road to unity.

This is a great affirmation that can be used when feeling out of balance.

May the clarity you gain lead you to self-discovery.



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