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What is Tarot? Possibilities

Updated: Apr 21

This is the second blog post of a series of posts looking at the different answers to the question "What is Tarot." In this post I discus this question with the fabulous futuristic, "The Steampunk Tarot" by John and Caitlin Matthews.

The Steampunk Tarot says, "it's a tool that can help you find the light after the darkness."

It can help you see what has been missed, find what has been lost, or what needs to be found. In the card pictured two youthful souls find pleasure in discovering something undiscovered. Through this process a spark is lit that will awaken them to something old, something new, and something borrowed. The Something old can be the layers you shed, the something new can be a new version of you or environment, and the something borrowed can be the information you use to develop the person you have the potential to become—it’s something borrowed because you can return what’s not working for you any time.

The Steampunk Tarot by John and Caitlin Matthews
The Steampunk Tarot by John and Caitlin Matthews, Illustrations by Wil Kinghan

We transcend many passages throughout our time in this physical space and tarot can be a reminder to move away from the distractions and look towards the things that will spark us to have a conversation with our soul. Tarot is the ever changing adventure that is our experience calling us to transform in the ways of nature—being in flow with the process that things are always changing. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are always changing in some way, because you perceive yourself to be more with every thought and emotion you experience.

The sun sheds light on everything, so let it show you the way of the heart. The spark of self discovery is one that can be ignited only by you and the Tarot will show you the possibilities.

May your experience of this space be filled with everything that ignites you to be your best version.



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