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What is Tarot? The Questions that Need to be Asked

Updated: Apr 21

This is the fifth and last blog post in a series of posts looking at the different answers to the question "What is Tarot." In this post I discuss this question with the traditional, "Tarot De Marseille."

From the Tarot de Marseille we learn that tarot does not give the answers of how to live life. Instead it poses questions about the circumstances of life. Tarot cannot tell you how to live your life. It provides situational energies about life and asks you to contemplate how they relate to your current life. As you begin this dialogue, you can work on the structures that are blocking you and start to unlock the mystery of you.

For example the appearance of the death card poses the question, “is there a change that needs to happen in your life?” The ace of pentacles poses the question of material life, “are you in need of a new beginning—maybe things have been stagnant?” The ace of swords poses a question regarding the state of the mind, “have your thoughts been too rigid?” Looking at all these cards together, the tarot is asking the following about the life being lived, “are you stuck in your life because of rigid ideas, if so, how can you overcome them so that you are in a better space to experience the life you want.

Tarot can spark the adventure of you knowing you, by posing questions you’re not ready to ask yourself. It will not tell you how to live your life, it will ask you what kind of life you want to live and ask you to find the answer though an internal dialogue?

May you have the courage to ask yourself the questions you are afraid to answer.



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