Ageless reminds you to allow for the natural process to occur.  Everything has its time for beauty and grace.  Tap into ageless wisdom


Naturally Aged Copper 


Lapis Lazuli


  • Details


    40 Moonstones—nurture yourself with ageless wisdom

    6 Lapis Lazuli stones—inner truth and confidence


    Please note these pieces are handmade and natural stones are used, as a result stones will not exactly be same.  Also this is a free from style so the design will not always be symmetric.  I am not a jeweler, I am an artist who makes jewelry.


    Dear friend,

    All sales are final, no returns and no exchanges.  


    Items will ship via USPS, please allow 1 week for a shipping notification, which will be sent to you via email. 

  • Packaging

    Dear Friend,

    To keep cost reasonable and to help limit the amount of material I use for the product this will not ship with a jewelry box or bag.  I will use available wrapping materials to ensure the product is secure, but it will not come in a jewelry box, or bag at this time.  I hope in the future to have a more professional look for such unique pieces.